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Washing machine issues can hit at any moment.

That doesn't mean you should suddenly need to rely on a friend, family member or local laundromat. You can get quick repair help from a trusted Medford appliance repair team - without paying too much.

We pride ourselves in giving our clientele the competitive rates in town. We stand by our affordability because we know our business holds the fairest pricing model around. Every single one of our repairs is treated the same when it comes to our pricing model. If you get a repair with us, we won't charge you for diagnosing your appliance or anything else - we purely want to be compensated for our technician's time and refunded for any parts we buy.

Our services are consistent and so are our rates. We don't mark-up any parts we purchase for your repair. Likewise, we make sure to charge for our labor based on the suggested rates found within the industry's 'blue book' (MASPG handbook).

You know what you are investing in before you even contact us to inquire about getting a repair quote. We're also available for commercial washer repair jobs. Our services extend to businesses and organizations that require both recurring maintenance and on-call emergency repairs. Aside from providing services to local businesses, we also regularly help out with property managers and landlords - offering a hands-off repair solution for any troubles with a tenant's appliances.

Do our services sound like something you need? The process begins by making arrangements with us to come and look at your problematic washer. After this is done we can give an estimate for the repair and continue forward if it works on your end.

Get the process underway now; dial (781) 493-8080 and we'll book you in with one of our technicians.

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Helpful Appliance Repair Tips

Are you noticing that the water in your washing machine is not reaching the right temperature? Is it too cold, maybe too warm? You should check for issues with the water supply before trying to diagnose a problematic washer. Make sure the hot water valve is adequately open and that the machine's fill hose is getting sufficient pressure. If there's an obstruction in the water inlet valve it can limit temperature regulation as well, so clean it and the filter. Lastly, if you still can't find the culprit for your problem - get the temperature sensors tested next.


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