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We're serving Medford with home and commercial dishwasher repair assistance from certified and insured repair technician.

Our name is recognized in the community as a top choice for all appliance repair needs. If you're looking to have your dishwasher diagnosed and fixed, rest assured that our fantastic technicians can certainly help.

What's our sales pitch? We don't need to discourage you by making any big promises. What we do to establish ourselves versus the rest is simple: we invoice nothing other than the cost of your parts and the labor supplied by our technician.

What does that mean? Every repair you get from us is billed with only those two components. First, you have the cost of parts - we do not make you pay a premium, nor do we charge for collection; whatever the parts cost us is what they will cost you once we invoice for the repair. Second, you have the cost of labor - we do not overbill as we charge standard prices which can be found in the Major Appliance Service Price Guide. Now, how does the whole process work? The first thing we need you to do is reach out and explain your appliance issues to one of our staff members. We'll then ask you when would be a good time to have the diagnostics appointment done. We'll make it to your place on time and promptly proceed with troubleshooting your dishwasher.

You can pick whether to go forward with the repair once you get a quote. If not, we will simply invoice you a small fee for the diagnostics trip. Rest assured, even the smallest repairs are made affordable as we waive this fee when you go through with any repair of any size.

Ready to get the ball rolling? Ring (781) 493-8080 and book with us!

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Helpful Appliance Repair Tips

The inside of your dishwashing machine should be frequently cleaned. Over time, the drain area will accumulate leftover food and grime. You should remove the drain filter, clean it out and manually remove anything stuck inside of the drain. Also clear out the hose so it's not obstructed when the appliance tries to drain. Use a toothbrush for hard to reach spots. You should also be sanitizing the dispenser compartments, spinning arms and door gasket. Not only will this effort prevent issues with the drain - you will be preventing your dishwasher for accruing a gross odor as well.


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