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Dealing with a dryer that isn't working properly?

Take advantage of our expert repair help before the problem magnifies and the unit needs to be replaced. With affordable cost dryer repair services for all commercial and residential clients in Medford MA, we've got your needs covered.

Our repairs are always affordable because we don't charge for every little thing. We only make you pay for parts and labor. If you don't get a repair, you just need to pay a small fee for our time spent diagnosing your appliance. If you do get the repair, this diagnosis is not an expense and you're just paying for the actual repair labor. As for the cost of required dryer parts, we charge the same price to you that we're charged when we obtain them.

Our repair professionals come prepared with many replacement parts in our vehicles. We can often complete your repair without going out to get any additional parts. However, we do have a handful of supply shops around Medford MA so we can speedily go get anything your machine needs if we don't have it on us. Of course, these parts are billed at cost and there's no extra fee for us getting them on your behalf. We want to get your dryer fixed and we know our Medford repair experts are your best choice. Get in touch so we can order you an appointment with one of them. We are fast to find the issue at hand and will accurately price out the expected cost of any dryer parts and the necessary labor to replace them. Without a doubt, we can say you won't be let down!

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Helpful Appliance Repair Tips

Are you looking to make your dryer run more efficiently? You can lower energy consumption a few ways. So, what should you do exactly? Perform all checks and ensure that every part is in functional health. Likewise, make sure the dryer is ventilating properly and no obstructions are occurring in the ductwork. As far as lint goes, clean the lint trap after every load and use a vacuum cleaner attachment to clear out the lint chute - go a step further and take apart your dryer to access and vacuum in and near the blower wheel too.


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