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Medford refrigerator repair services made available with competitive rates.

Get help from a trusted repair team that holds a proven track record in the Medford MA vicinity. We treat all of our clients fairly and charge what's fair. Don't hold out; contact us about your fridge issues and get your problems sorted before it's too late.

We're very aware of the trouble that comes from a sudden issue with your fridge. Whether it's intermittent or permanent failure, we know a quick solution is necessary. We don't want you to lose your chilled and frozen goods. If you ever need an emergency solution for any fridge problems, we're the guys you want to call - request a same-day repair with us!

Meanwhile, do not fear having to pay too much for your repair needs. No job should be too expensive. We pride ourselves in offering great rates on all repairs. We do so by administering the fairest pricing model in town; when you get a repair with us, we only apply the purchase price of your parts and a basic labor fee - with respect to national averages.

As for what we can fix - any fridge is fine. Our fridge repair specialists have fixed all different brands, such as Armana, LG, Maytag and Samsung. We're also capable of working on commercial names like Maxx Ice, Summit and True. No matter the model, chances are we have access to the parts you need for your repair through our local suppliers.

Your process starts with a diagnosis, which you can request by booking in one of our repair techs today. We will give a paper quote for your repair job once your fridge is fully diagnosed. Get this process underway now, reach out to (781) 493-8080 and book through one of our representatives.

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Helpful Appliance Repair Tips

Many issues can result in a leak from your fridge. The problem could have to do with mechanical failure, technological malfunctions or simply due to gradual wearing from long-term use or improper maintenance. However, there's also the small chance that your fridge is not perfectly level with your floor or it's sitting on a very uneven surface - both these issues could potentially cause a leak. You can use the adjusting screws to better control the levelness of your fridge. Alternatively, look at the most likely culprit for a water leak - obstructions and frostovers.


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