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Urgent and reliable oven repair services from an insured Medford appliance repair company.

Get your repair done as soon as today, without paying a fortune. We're known for quality, speedy and affordable repairs - we won't let you down in any situation. Our fair prices are a given because we practice the fairest pricing system around. We invoice our clients according to what we needed to spend on their replacement oven parts. Also, our labor rates are kept to a fair level because we utilize the MASPG repair price guide. We can go collect any parts you require for the repair. Remember, the price of those parts is the cost we will bill you on your repair bill. You will not be charged a penny more; to ensure our repairs are always priced fairly, we only wish to collect repair labor.

Your repair service will be charged on these two costs alone. Alternatively, if you pass on getting a repair it will only be necessary to pay a service call charge. Note: We discount this fee if you do get a repair. We guarantee you won't get a better quote anywhere else.

Who do we help? Our oven repair services are typically provided to residents, laundromat owners, schools, churches, hospital, old folks homes, etc. We constantly work with property management companies, landlords and superintendents to help repair laundry appliances in rental units. We keep it professional and have no problem working around your tenant.

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Call (781) 493-8080 to talk with us about your oven repair needs. We'll book you in asap and get your oven issues fixed up for good.

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Helpful Appliance Repair Tips

Did you know that a convection oven isn't the best for baking? This type of oven relies on a circulation fan that moves around hot air to cook the contents. For any baked goods that need to rise, such as cakes, the fan mode won't do so well. Your best bet is to use the conventional baking option. This mode will bake from the bottom up which helps naturally rise cakes and other baked goods. Furthermore, when you do use the convection cooking option you can lower the temp by 10% and get the same results as with conventional cooking.


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